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I’m starting to see a pattern…

is karkat shirt

is nepeta deer resistant

"Hey Moony! Are you-" "Prongs I swear to god if the next words out of your mouth are any variations of the words ‘fucking’ and ‘serious’ I will hex you into next goddamn week."



If I was a student at Hogwarts I’d use Howlers to send nice messages to people.

So you’d be sitting there in the Great Hall eating breakfast when an owl drops a Howler in front of you. You, and everyone else on your table, just stares at it as it trembles, explodes open, shrieks I WANT TO TOUCH YOUR SWEET BUTT and then dissolves into flames.

Been working on some sketch commission examples. Cue fantrolls.

A Lesson Before Striding -- THE REWRITE


It’s here! Yay! After a lot of consideration (and guilt, to be honest), I have decided to completely rewrite ALBSTRI. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, due to the original piece’s fetishization of marginalized groups, especially those in poverty. This was all done for the purpose of the…

You get three guesses to what I got today and the first two don’t count.

edit:mobile isnt letting me add more than one pic ew e-e




Happy 4/13!

HOMESTUCK IS ENDING (an interactive self-help guide) is a little project I wrote up for my fellow Homestucks who are emotionally all over the place over the fact that this is the last 4/13 before Homestuck is over. It’s basically a simulated choose-your-own-adventure-based chat implemented to remember the good old days and evoke one big emotional reminiscence with yourself over Homestuck’s birthday and what you enjoy most about being in the fandom. As pretentious as that sounds, it’s actually quite short.

It’s heavily geared toward people who are actively in the fandom and/or worried about Homestuck ending.  Also, it’s not meant to be taken too seriously, and is kind of a silly mess essentially just a pick-me-up for anyone who’s grieving the final conclusion of Homestuck. (Which could potentially be happening today!!!)

You can play here if you’d like! 

Have a rad 4/13, Homestuck fandom!

Track: 4/13 Homestuck Mash Up
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Happy 4/13 everyone!

I made a mash up of some of my favorite Homestuck songs for 4/13, I hope you enjoy!

(It may be too loud at some points it’s hard for me to tell I didn’t have functional headphones to check or not)



happy 18th birthday you sad, sad kids.

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